Give dean a baby

I’m serious there are thousands of unwanted children out there just give dean 1 or 500 of them


hey spn writers how about we have another baby episode like 6x02 only this time dean gets to take the baby home with him and keep it forever ok good everybody wins [throws confetti]


dean’s favourite thing about halloween is seeing all the little babies in their First Halloween Costumes with their little jack-o-lantern bags and bubbly smiles on their faces and he likes to keep track of how many princesses and superheroes and monsters he sees


dean singing lullabies image singing “november rain” so quietly and humming the guitar solo so low that it’s barely audible and she falls asleep from the rumbling in his chest. singing “hey jude” so often that his daughter’s first words aren’t “daddy” or “papa” but “nananana”

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dean’s little girl would totally take ballet classes too. little pink tutu and ballet slippers sitting on the back seat of the impala.

dean would be the loudest dad at the recital whooping every time his little girl comes on stage. and of course he’d dance in the middle of the living room with her, twirling her around until they were both so dizzy they’d collapse giggling on the couch.

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My dad once described fatherhood to me as his “world shrinking.” He was an adult, doing adult things, and the world was big and complicated. When my brother and I were born, he said, his world shrank down to our scale. Through us, he got to forget how big the world was and rediscover voluntary movement, and eating solid food, and walking, and going to the zoo for the first time, and having a favorite cartoon, and playing pretend. In between being an adult, he got to be a kid again.

Dean being designated as Sam’s “parent” was pretty much the exact opposite of that. Dean was still a child himself. His world was small and simple. In order to be a parent his world had to grow to adult size and complexity in the span of weeks to months while simultaneously shrinking down to Sam’s size. He had to be responsible for his own quasi-adulthood, and also for Sam’s childhood. It was a terrible position to be put in.

But now Dean really is an adult, and his world is big and complicated. At this point in his life, if he ever finds a time and place that is conducive to it, I think he’d really enjoy being a parent. It would be an opportunity for him to let his world shrink, to grow up with his child, and vicariously enjoy the childhood that he was robbed of. And because he understands what happens to a kid when they are deprived of a childhood, he would take every childish thing completely seriously.

Changing diapers? Hell yeah!

Meal time? Here comes the plane, zoooooom!

Tea party? Where’s my bonnet?

You lost your Barbie’s shoe? I’m declaring a state of emergency!

Monster under the bed? Well, I don’t see anything, but you’d better come spend the night with me and your papa just to be sure.

Dean would be the best dad and the happiest dad. Come at me.


dean and his daughter doing stuff though!!!

like going to the park and he holds her while she does the monkey bars! when they buy ice cream he dabs some on her nose and she stretches her tongue out to try and lick it off and they both end up almost crying from laughing

and at home they do dress up with hats and funny sunglasses and feather boas and he helps her put on glittery eye shadow and lipstick and then she does the same for him except he ends up with wobbly hearts drawn on his cheeks instead 

and they build massive blanket forts and keep it up for days and if sam walks in while they’re doing this they hide somewhere in the fort and stay very very quiet so he has to try and find them 


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goodness though

if dean had a little baby girl with soft golden hair he’d name her something like mary ellen winchester and sam calls him a bumpkin but dean can’t imagine naming her anything else

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my favorite thing about Dean and babies is that he’d probably change his food habits in the home and make sure that his kids got proper nutrition, all the stuff that he and Sam never learned when they grew up

Dean would be the dad standing outside the grocery store at 6am waiting for the front doors to open so that he could buy fresh sweet potatoes and peas to blend into homemade baby food (and yes I’ve personally met dads like this at my job, they exist and they’re awesome)

but once a week, a babysitter stays with the babies and then the adults go out for beer and burgers 

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AU where dean does get to adopt the shapeshifter baby and then badgers lisa constantly with questions about baby care

and in the middle of the night when the baby cries they both jump out of bed but dean tells her to go back to sleep because he wants to take care of the baby ;____;

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